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Do you want new clothes to always sit exactly on the figure? Fur Atelier. Welcome to the site! Its services are offered by experienced craftsmen, whose specialization - tailoring. Place an order for a product of any complexity can be directly online. You can view the catalog presented on the resource to get acquainted with the available models of clothing for sewing, as well as contact any master with his sketch or photo showing the desired thing. Real professionals work for you: tailors and designers. They are engaged in the creation of men's, women's and children's clothing of different classes: from budget to elite. In an Arsenal of masters the modern equipment, high-quality fabrics, reliable and beautiful accessories. On the site you will find detailed information about all the services, as well as information about regularly held promotions, possible bonuses and existing discount systems that will allow you to save money on the order. Firm on tailoring. Also, there are some special conditions for you, having fulfilled which you will receive a personal reduction in the cost of your order.

Tailoring service

Today, many people think about how to seek the services of a specialist in tailoring. After all, everyone wants to wear quality and beautiful things. But in today's market for such clothes will have to pay a lot. Firm on tailoring. And what is cheap, and the quality is appropriate. In addition, all items of clothing sold in stores are sewn in different sizes, but according to certain standards, which do not take into account the individual characteristics of the figure. Choosing for yourself tailoring to order you will forget about too long or short jeans, pants, pants, wide and uncomfortable dresses, blouses or shirts. Any clothing made by professional craftsmen will fully fit your figure. Walk in it will be a pleasure. And, as you know, clothes with a perfect fit - the key is always an attractive image. Fur Atelier. Individually sewn product will emphasize the dignity of your figure, given to her by nature, and will help to hide from prying eyes all that you consider shortcomings.

Advantages of tailoring to order

Custom-made clothing has its advantages. It is simply impossible not to evaluate them. These include:

  • The opportunity to get the thing of the highest elite quality at an affordable price. You pay for the work of the master and for the materials used, avoiding all markups on the cost, which arise from the costs associated with transportation, delivery, work of various suppliers.
  • Availability of individual or collective order. You may request the services solely for yourself. It is also possible to order clothes for the whole company. This is very convenient when it comes to thematic celebrations or employees of the whole company, which adopted a certain dress code.
  • Use for the manufacture of materials of your choice. Don't like synthetics? So the master will offer you a choice of fabrics with natural composition. Do you want something bright or textured? Price garment tailoring. For you there is a huge number of different materials with interesting textures, ornaments and prints.
  • In the Studio you can order any thing. Jackets, raincoats, coats, pants, blouses, sweaters, business or sports suits, elegant evening, casual, cocktail or even wedding dresses - professionals will produce a product of any complexity and it will exactly match your parameters.
  • Variety of assortment. Masters work not only with clothes for adult men or women, but also ready to sew original, beautiful, high-quality and safe outfits for children of all ages. This takes into account the age characteristics and relevant requirements.
  • The Studio employs not only experienced tailors, but also creative designers who will help to create a thing that matches your ideas or the upcoming event. If you so wish, it can be an absolute exclusive - clothes that no one had and will not be after.
  • Provision of services at home. If necessary, you can call any wizard. The specialist will come at a convenient time for you to perform primary measurements, discuss the details of the order, to make a fitting of the product at the final or intermediate stage.
  • Nice discount system. To find an order for sewing clothes. Each client has the opportunity to save on the order. In addition to regular promotions in the Studio you can get a personal discount. To do this, it is only necessary to fulfill a number of simple conditions.

How to order tailoring?

To use the services of specialists from the Atelier engaged in tailoring, you need to fill out an online application on the website. Try to pay special attention to your contact details. Atelier fur coats. Select the type of product you are interested in or a specific thing from the proposed catalog and specify the quantity you need. The cost of sewing, taking into account the possible discount, the site will automatically calculate and display it on the screen of your gadget. As soon as possible you will be contacted by a customer service specialist to discuss all the details of the order and clarify its relevance. After the designer or tailors have done all the work, pay for their services using the most appropriate method for you. Tailoring price list. Profitable orders and stylish images!

  1. Fill in the order form online
  2. Select a product from the catalog or provide your samples
  3. Answer the incoming call and discuss the details of the order with a specialist
  4. Use the service of tailoring and pay for it. Price garment tailoring. Using the most convenient way for you


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